Please seriously respond following steps, to show the problem really from our original software:

(1). Run the Windows system Steps Recorder (called Problem Steps Recorder in Windows 7) on the licensed computer, and set the recording steps to 999 (99 in Windows 7).

(2). Check this Windows system Computer Name and User Name.

(3). Right click the original USB - "Properties" then "Details ".

(4). Overwrite/Copy all USB files to a writable folder of the "problem" computer hard drive.

(5).Run the last Quick-Link.xlsm software first. Then close Quick-Link.xlsm .

(6). Right click the copied "problem" software - "Properties" then "Details " - in the computer hard drive .

(7). Double click to open/run it, not open it by Quick-Link.xlsm until the same "problem"  happened. .

(8). Email us the recorded MTH file.  (make sure only one continuous MTH file without any gaps).